CD: Where Is Love?

Ellen Kennedy – vocals
Ron Thompson – guitars
Lorne Kellett – piano
Brent Gubbels – acoustic bass
Craig Scott – Drums
Jack Stafford – alto and tenor saxophones

Produced by Jim Woodyard, Ellen Kennedy and Ron Thompson
Recorded and Mixed and Jim Woodyard
Mastered by Torben Oxbol
Manufactured by

Sample Tracks:

Click to listen.

Blue Skies

Do Nothin’ Til You Hear From Me

Nearness Of You


I’m Walkin’

A Note from Ellen:

It is such a privilege to work with this core group of musicians (Ron Thompson, Lorne Kellett, Brent Gubbels, and Craig Scott). After having played together at many events over the last ten years, we jokingly dubbed the band “The Scripto Classics” in homage to the mechanical pencil that Ron used to hand-write his charts.  The real Script Classic may be gone but the band lives on!

I really wanted to add saxophone to a few of the tracks, and was thrilled when Jack Stafford agreed to lend his artistry to the project. Thanks Jack.

Special thanks also go to Ron Thompson for his creative arrangements and his invaluable artistic input, not to mention his time and patience. As well, I want to thank my family and friends for being so supportive.”

– Ellen Kennedy


“New Year’s Eve 2001 found my big band in Regina, Saskatchewan. We were there to open a large convention room that had just been built as an addition to their Casino. Contractor Jack Stafford hired a vocalist for the band by the name of Ellen Kennedy. Ellen’s performance could only be described as fantastic in every aspect of the word and the band, the audience and especially myself enjoyed her professional presentation. Ellen has recently released her first CD entitled “where is love” and, take it from me, it is excellent. Ellen demonstrates that the art of straight ahead singing of standards from the 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s is not lost as indicated by her stellar performance on this CD. The CD offers a wide variety of standards with all the great charts written by guitarist Ron Thompson and Ellen. Besides Ron on guitar, other musicians of note on the CD are pianist Lorne Kellet, bassist Brent Gubbles, drummer Craig Scott, and special guest alto/tenor saxophonist Jack Stafford. This CD deserves airplay on radio 600 as it fits perfectly into their format.”
– Bobby Hales, Upbeat

To purchase Where is Love?, contact Ellen directly at

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